Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) Resources
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IgCares offers a wealth of exclusive educational support material to help you get up to speed on PI and its treatment, address questions you may have along the way, and keep you informed as you go.

Learn from Informative Articles on a Wide Range of Topics

Our IgCares library of educational articles provides useful information on a variety of subjects of interest to PI patients and their loved ones.  Organized by category and including topline descriptions of content, it is easy to find the information you seek.

Our range of topics includes:

About PI

What is primary immunodeficiency, how is PI diagnosed, treatment options for PI patients, and more

Starting your Rx

Understanding the prescription process, self-infusion fundamentals, healthcare insurance basics, advocating for your needs, and beyond

Managing your Treatment

Managing side effects of PI treatment, SCIg self-infusion troubleshooting, and tracking infusions

Ongoing Lifestyle Support

PI and work, travel, and school; managing relationships, handling infection and allergies, and PI and autoimmunity

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Self-Infusion Resources

Get comfortable and confident with self-infusion. After you’ve been properly trained by your healthcare provider, IgCares provides additional materials to support starting and maintaining your infusion therapy – a Cutaquig Infusion Guide, What to Expect with Training and Ongoing Therapy Management, FAQs, as well as Troubleshooting Tips.

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