Charitable Giving for Primary Immunodeficiency Research and the PI Community
Help others while you help yourself

IgCares includes a charitable giving initiative created to donate funds in support of primary immunodeficiency (PI) research and the PI community. Built around you and your activities, it lets you help others simply by actively managing your own therapy. Once you enroll in the program, every time you participate in activities with point awards, such as downloading the IgCares mobile app, tracking and logging your treatments and related health, recycling responsibly, consuming educational content, or refilling your prescription, you’ll earn donation points to be contributed to the participating charity you choose. For every point you earn, Octapharma will donate a dollar!

Earn Donation Points

These are some easy ways to earn donation points:

Join the IgCares program Track your infusions
Read an article Take a survey
Download the IgCares mobile app Recycle your infusion materials
Scan your monthly prescription Tell a friend
…and more!

Donate Your Points

Choose the participating charity or charities to receive your points. Octapharma will donate the corresponding funds. Every point you earn is a dollar we will donate. The benefits really add up! See the collective good we are accomplishing together on our real time donation tracker.
Dollars Donated
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Support Research and the PI Community

Participating charities include:

Immune Deficiency Foundation, dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of people with PI.
Jeffrey Modell Foundation, a global resource for the most up-to-date information and support for people with PI.
Foundation for Primary Immunodeficiency, supporting PI education, early diagnosis, counseling, therapy, and research.
International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies, dedicated to improved awareness, access to early diagnosis, and optimal treatments for PI patients worldwide.

Be Part of the Greater Good

Join IgCares to learn more about the charities we support and to start earning and donating while you manage your PI therapy.