Co-Pay Assistance & Reimbursement

Comprehensive provider and patient resources at every step

You can count on Octapharma to help your patients get access to therapy – and stay supported throughout their treatment journey.

The IgCares™ Support Center offers you and your patients support and guidance on important matters including:

  • Benefits investigation and prior authorization support
  • Co-pay assistance
  • Ongoing support for access and reimbursement

Ready to enroll a patient for co-pay assistance?

Co-pay assistance is available for eligible patients who are currently using cutaquig, or about to begin treatment.

Our co-pay assistance program can provide significant savings on some of the costs associated with treatment. Eligible patients save up to $12,500 per calendar year, on out-of-pocket costs associated with their therapy, if they qualify.

Ready to enroll a patient? It’s simple!

Alternatively, patients can enroll in IgCares and request co-pay assistance by calling the IgCares Support Center at 1-833-382-7686.

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To contact the IgCares Support Center

Learn more about the IgCares patient support program.

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