Cutaquig SCIg Therapy | Dosing & Administration

Cutaquig is for subcutaneous use only

Do not inject into a blood vessel.

  • Before switching to cutaquig, obtain patient’s serum immunoglobulin G (IgG) trough level to guide subsequent dose adjustments. Individualize dose based on patient’s pharmacokinetic and clinical response. Monitor serum IgG trough levels regularly to guide subsequent dose adjustments as needed.

Flexible Dosing Options

  • Every-other-week
  • Weekly
  • Frequent doing
    (2-7 times a week)

Recommended Dosage According to Infusion Schedule1

Weekly dosing(Switching from IVIg) Calculate using a conversion factor (1.30):
  • Previous IVIg dose (in grams) x 1.3
  • Number of weeks between IVIg doses
Weekly dosing(Switching from another SCIg) Same as for previous SCIg dose
Every-other-week dosing Start cutaquig 1 or 2 weeks after the last IVIg dose or 1 week after the last SCIg administration. Infuse twice the calculated weekly dose
More frequent than weekly dosing(2 to 7 times per week) Start cutaquig 1 week after last IVIg or SCIg administration. Divide the calculated weekly dose by the desired number of infusions per week

Cutaquig Infusion Volumes and Rates

Infusion Volumes and Rates1

First 2 Infusions Subsequent Infusions
Volume (mL/site) Adults ≥ 17 years ≤25 mL ≤40
7-16 years ≤15 mL ≤29
2-6 years ≤10 mL ≤15.5
Rate per site (mL/hr) Adults ≥ 17 years ≤20 mL ≤52
Children 2-16 years ≤15 mL ≤25
  • Increase the volume by ~10 mL/site for adults and by ~5-10 mL/site for children every 2-4 weeks, as tolerated
  • Increase the infusion rate by ~10 mL/hr/site for adults and by ~5-10 mL/hr/site for children


  • Cutaquig should be administered by a healthcare professional, or by caregiver or self-administered by the patient after appropriate training
  • Cutaquig may be infused in the following areas: abdomen, thigh, upper arm, and/or upper leg/hip area
  • Cutaquig may be infused simultaneously into up to 6 different sites. Infusion sites should be at least 2 inches (5 cm) apart. Rotate infusion sites between subsequent administrations.

Diagram showing where to insert cutaquig

Patient inserting cutaquig into stomach

Preparation and handling

Check the product expiration date on the vial label. Do not use beyond the expiration date.
Do not freeze. Do not use frozen product.
Do not mix cutaquig with other products
Do not shake the cutaquig vial
Use aseptic technique when preparing and administering cutaquig
Prior to administration, visually inspect each vial of cutaquig for particulate matter, whenever the solution and container permit

The cutaquig vial is for single-use only. Discard any unused product after each infusion in accordance with local requirements.

Review information and recommendations about cutaquig supply and storage.

Learn More

  1. Cutaquig Full Prescribing Information. Paramus, NJ: Octapharma; rev October 2021.