What is cutaquig?

Cutaquig is an immunoglobulin replacement therapy for subcutaneous infusion approved for the treatment of primary immunodeficiencies in patients 2 years of age or older

  • Cutaquig is made from large pools of donated plasma which go through a rigorous purification process for the inactivation and removal of viruses1
  • Cutaquig is manufactured by the cold ethanol fractionation process followed by ultrafiltration and chromatography. The manufacturing process includes treatment with an organic Solvent/Detergent (S/D) mixture composed of tri-n-butyl phosphate (TNBP) and Octoxynol.1
  • Viral reduction is achieved through a combination of process steps including cold ethanol fractionation, S/D treatment and pH4 treatment1
  • Other precautions against viral transmission include: selection of plasma donors, screening of donations and plasma pool, as well as final product testing for viruses1

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Octapharma’s global immunotherapy portfolio offers high-purity human IgG products available in different concentrations and routes of administration in liquid, ready-to-use formulations.

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Deliver the complete package of care

Cutaquig provides adult and pediatric patients with primary immunodeficiency the protection, comfort and independence they need to manage their disease:

  • Zero SBIs in a Phase 3 Clinical Trial1,8
  • Proven Tolerability1,2,8
  • Ease of Administration1,2
  • Low Viscosity & Easy Injectability2,3
  • Favorable Pharmacokinetics1,2,4
  • Manufacturing & Pathogen Safety1,4,7
  • Flexible Storage & Handling1
  • Innovative Patient Support with IgCares

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