Nurse Support for Adult Patients with PI and Caregivers

Nurse Advisors

Octapharma provides patients a direct connection to IgCares™ Nurse Advisors. The IgCares Nurse Advisors are registered nurses who can answer a patient’s questions related to cutaquig, therapy management or other potential treatment issues. They can also give patients guidance about how to talk to their healthcare provider about their treatment and connect them with other SCIg experts, as needed.*

IgCares Support Center

To contact a Nurse Advisor please call the IgCares Support Center at 1-833-382-7686.

Learn about the IgCares Recycling Program.

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*IgCares Nurse Advisors do not provide individual medical or nursing advice, including live infusion administration support or guidance. For live infusion administration support or medical advice, patients should contact their healthcare provider or pharmacist.